Welcome to Flock & Co

Posted by Paula McAtamney on

Hello and welcome to Flock & Co!

I thought it was about time to give a bit of an introduction to Flock & Co and myself, Paula. 

I am based in Canterbury, New Zealand on a dairy farm with my husband and 2 children. My career prior to having kids was full time on the dairy farm. After having kids I decided I wanted to try my hand at something else and decided to start with children's togs. 

The idea for Flock & Co started when trying to find swimwear for my own children. I was trying to find something different, was practical and stood out from the rest! A lot of thought has gone into our brand identity so I will explain it below:

Our why: To provide sustainable, quality, yet affordable clothing that is practical, fun and stylish no matter the age.

Our how: Playful, practical, sustainable, versatile.

Our what: stylish, practical swimwear no matter to location 

How we look and sound: unexpected, confident, bold, fresh, relatable 

It has certainly been a fun adventure to date and the exciting part is we are only just beginning! 

Watch this space for more release going forward.

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